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Dear Reader,

You can write me at

I enjoy:

  • Love letters
  • Dating & relationship questions (for my advice column Crystal Vision Advice with the lovely firepoet Claire Skinner).
  • Little lumps of sugar in my bowl.
  • Videos of bunnies wiggling their noses.


<3 Gala

14 thoughts to “Contact”

  1. Hello Gala.. I love your monthly horoscopes. They are the most accurate for my sign!

    I was wondering if you do or would consider doing a private horoscope?

    Thank you!!!

  2. I find your horoscopes quite profound and they leave me with things to ponder. Thank you for being uniquely you and sharing with us! Looking forward to more.

    1. Yes! Taking a little August break. Lol, I want to start being timely again so I needed a reboot <3
      Wait for me, September.

  3. Where are you?
    Where is August’s horoscopes?
    I wait like a furry animal might for someone to place the promised kibbles in its bowl….
    Feed us.

    1. Hi warm furry animal!

      I’m sorry I haven’t put kibble in your bowl <3 I will fill your bowl overflowing come September <33333

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