“Case of the Unkind Cut” in Anthropoid
Four Poems up at Pen America
“Warm Live Thing”  in Adroit
One Poem from Without Protection in Fourteen Hills (print)
One Poem featured for Discovery Award 92 st Y & Boston Review
One Poem in Queer Poetry Podcast All Up In Your Ears
“Vasilyssa Considers the Dark Path” and “Dear Would-be Wife” in James Franco Review
“Vasilyssa Has No Familiars” and “Each Prism” in VINYL
Three Poems in Glittermob
Four Poems in Bedfellows (print and online)
“I Know The Truth, Forget All Other Truths,” collaborative poem with Sonya Vatomsky
in Dark Fucking Wizard
“Kitchen” and “Baba’s Blessing” in Fragments of Persephone, WinterTangerine
“At The Pound” in SRPR (print)
Three Poems from Without Protection in the queer issue of Cutbank
Three Poems from Without Protection in Newfound
One Poem from Without Protection Pouch
“Left” and “Paring Knife” in Muzzle
Girl Talk Poems & Woman Alone at Bar in the Feminist Wire
Poetry Suite in NAILED
Four Poems in PANK

“Inspiration Presents Itself to Me in the Form of Anxiety,” POETRY
“Golubki, Golubchik,” Crazy Wisdom
“Re-Thinking Sukkot on the Anniversary of My Father’s Death,” Crazy Wisdom Community Journal
“A Mid-Western Room of One’s Own,” The Bill-Fold

Photograph featured for Harlem Postcards of Studio Museum in Harlem, 2005.